Taylor Blackwell

Crossfit has been a very familiar word in my household since I was little. As a young girl, my mom would bring me to the Crossfit box she attended at the time and let me play around while she worked out. As many years passed, my mom continued to pursue Crossfit, while I grew and pursued other passions such as soccer. On a hot spring day, four years ago, my mom convinced me to participate in a partner WOD with her for Mother’s day. After that first workout, I was hooked.

Crossfit became my competitive outlet. My coaches pushed me to be my best and the amazing community kept me accountable and consistent. Flash forward 2 years and my freshman year at Texas A&M University began. Crossfit introduced me to my best friends and for that I am forever grateful. Crossfit is my passion.  I decided to become a Crossfit L1 trainer and begin coaching. Coaching has allowed me to share my passion, guide, and encourage others to do things they never believed they could do, and it is so rewarding. Flying Fortress Crossfit is a box unlike any other. The community is welcoming and uplifting. It is a great privilege to coach at FFCF and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives.


Crossfit L1 Trainer