Liz Alvarado

I fell in love with CrossFit the moment I stepped into the box with a friend. I am a junkie for fitness and friends, so CrossFit formed the perfect mix! 

I met my husband, Jesse, at CrossFit on Christmas Eve when he set up his equipment next to me for "The 12 Days of Christmas" - we dropped in to a box in Puerto Rico the day we were married. Now I have the delight of working out alongside my son as well! CrossFit is truly a part of our lives. 

I also compete in Texas NPC bodybuilding and earned National Qualification in 2016 in the Women's Physique Division. I LOVE the drive and discipline that both of the sports develop in athletes! 

It is a privilege to coach at Flying Fortress CrossFit - we are blessed with incredible leadership and camaraderie. The community at FFCF is so SPECIAL! Honor, Respect, Integrity!


CrossFit L1 Trainer